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Where is my mind from Lior shoov on Vimeo.

Anne Kaempf and Lior Shoov singing a cover of the the pixies- “where is my mind”
filmed so beautifully by Gaston lgounet


"Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee."

— Dale Cooper

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The concept is simple. Take a blank sheet with nothing but the basic outline of a pinup girl and illustrate a unique scene around her.”

holy FUCK.

I’ll probably always reblog this cuz it’s just mind-blowing, holy cow

The creativity in this post will never not impress me.

I kinda want to watch a vampire Christmas film called Silent Bite now.

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American Psycho (2000)

American Psycho (2000)

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8-bit pixel gifs, Dusan Cezek

Created using GIFPAL.COM

Created using GIFPAL.COM

Tale of Tales (Skazka skazok) by Yuri Norstein from Club yonki de caballeros on Vimeo.

Cuento de Cuentos, como espejo de Tarkovsky.Los intentos de estructura misma como una memoria humana. Los recuerdos no se recuperan en orden cronológico ordenado, sino que son recordados por la asociación de una cosa con otra, lo que significa que cualquier intento de poner la memoria en el cine no puede ser contada como una narrativa convencional. La película es, pues ,constituida por una serie de secuencias relacionadas con cuyas escenas se intercalan entre sí. Uno de los temas principales consiste en la guerra, con especial énfasis en las enormes pérdidas que sufrió la Unión Soviética en el frente oriental durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Sonic Branding from Kristof Luyckx on Vimeo.

An explainer video I made for sound studio Roundhouse, for one of their services they provide called ‘sonic branding’.

Client: Roundhouse
Audio: Roundhouse
Copywriter: Henri Gerniers
Direction, Design & Animation: Kristof Luyckx


Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (cover version) from Kristof Luyckx on Vimeo.

Cover of Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode.

Part 4/6.
A series of 6 animations were originally made for the graphic festival Beyonderground.
The movies served as inbetween animations to announce the start of each lecture at the festival.
Although Beyonderground is about graphic design and illustration, it also focuses on the relation between music and graphics. This approach inspired me to make these animated musical interludes (based on the overload of covers people upload on youtube).

• Directed, designed and animated by Kristof Luyckx


Not About Us from Michael Frei on Vimeo.

MICHAELEAR.COM | facebook.com/notaboutus2011

«Special Mention in the category Student Film» - AniFest 2012
«Jury’s Special Mention» - Animated Dreams Festival 2012
«Judges’ Choice» - Melbourne International Animation Festival 2013

Fabulous Fringe Film Festival 1. - 5. August 2013
Melbourne International Animation Festival 20. - 30. June 2013
Roanne, 4e Festival international du court métrage d’animation 19. - 24. March 2013
Monstra Festival 7. - 17. March 2013
33rd Fantasporto Oporto International Film Festival 25. February - 10. March 2013
Animateka Ljubljana 3. - 12. December 2012
Animpact Animation Festival Max 28. November - 2. December 2012
14th Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams 14. - 18. November 2012
interfilm Berlin - 28th International Short Film Festival 13. - 18. November 2012
Bradford Animation Festival 13. - 18. November 2012
CoutOut Fest Mexico 1. - 3. November 2012
DOK-Leipzig 29. October - 4. November 2012
Platform Animation Festival at REDCAT (Los Angeles) 26. - 28. October 2012
10th International Animated Film Festival Tindirindis 22. - 28. October 2012
Animatou 6. - 14. October 2012
Anim’est 5. - 14. October 2012
Fantoche, 10th International Animation Festival 4. - 9. September 2012
International Animation Festival Hiroshima 23. - 27. August 2012
Lago Film Fest 20. -28. July 2012
Annecy International Animation Film Festival 4. - 9. June 2012
52nd Krakow Film Festival 28. May - 03. June 2012
AniFest 26. April – 1. May 2012
36. Schweizer Jugendfilmtage 11.-15. April 2012
47th Solothurn Film Festival – January 2012 (World Premiere)


MY BEST GIFS of 2013

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